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For tailored solutions in web and database programming, server provisioning and support, open source software, security and usability.
We also provide coding solutions for WordPress based on our in-house Tina MVC framework for WordPress.

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  1. You have a contact us and a reply form on the same page.. looks a bit weird. Just wanted to say I’m looking into Tina MVC.
    WordPress technically already *is* MVC architected (in a way), so this may be overkill, templates = view, WP_query = model WP_Rewrite = controller.
    With custom post types with post meta and custom comment types with comment meta, profile and profile meta, almost any data can be abstracted into the standard wp table structure.
    I see a lot recreating the wheel here with your custom tina-mvc escape functions which are in core esc_attr() etc.. .
    Have you checked out Rasmus’ no-framework MVC framework?
    The form helper is good work though, I haven’t seen anything like that in WP core, or have I missed it?

  2. fcrossen says:

    You have a contact us and a reply form on the same page

    You are right… I’ll fix that and copy your comment and my reply to /tina-mvc-for-wordpress/