This list is neither exhaustive nor current. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Frans Tracks

frans-tracks.crossen.org snapshotfrans-tracks.crossen.org

A site to support my amateur recording hobby.

Following the end of the Left, Right & Centre residency at Frank Ryans Bar, I needed somewhere to put recordings that are not recorded there.

It is based on a free WordPress theme with customisations to support newer features like post thumbnails.

Free Music Courtesy of Frank Ryans and Left, Right and Centre

Left, Right & Centre play Frank Ryans BarEvery Thursday in Frank Ryan’s Bar of Queen Street, 5 Queen Street, Smithfield, Tadhg hosts a cracking blues band with some of Ireland’s best known session musicians – Noel Bridgeman, Ed Deane, Trevor Knight and John Quearney.

We did the website originally, but lately we have been recording the gigs using a rather nifty Zoom H1 recorder. With the permission of the musicians, the live recordings are available for free (under a Creative Commons license – free for any non-commercial use) in a new download area on the Frank Ryan’s web site.

Sometimes it just doesn’t feel like work – this was a real pleasure!

Westmoreland College


Largely a brochure web site with some customisations.

This is the first real outing for Tina MVC (our in-house WordPress plugin framework). WordPress manages all content and templating, making ongoing maintenance a breeze.

Customisations are coded using Tina MVC:

  • contact us form
  • page widgets for showing sub pages of the current page
  • page widgets for random testimonials

The result is a much accelerated development time. Not including the content (which will always be supplied by the client) development time was just a few days.

Born To Run Ash

born-to-run-ash.com snapshotBornToRunAsh.com

Ash is a runner, cyclist and general fitness freak who wins the Death Valley Marathon and runs extreme 70km marathons around Connemmara in his spare time.

His web site (built on WordPress) is a simple enough visual affair – he wanted it up quickly and WordPress themes allow you do do that and more. Because we were able to get the site up with a minimum of fuss (from a design point of view) we were able to concentrate on integrating the site with the various social networking bits and pieces that Ash uses.

The site is linked up to a Facebook account, a Twitter account and his Garmin training log.

Frank Ryans Bar


A brochure site developed for Frank Ryans Bar, Queen Street and Smithfield.

This site was built on the WordPress blogging platform and showcases one of Dublin’s best bars. Check out the gallery – it is a real example of where a small investment in photography really pays – kudos to the excellent job done by Philip.

If your requirements are not complicated, then WordPress makes an excellent platform for static websites. Not having to worry about basic CMS functionality, we were able to address style, content, pictures and SEO.

(Completed in conjunction with Philip Lauterbach Photographer (www.plpix.com).)

Temple Bar Medical Centre


Another relatively simple CMS solution for a medical centre based in Temple Bar, Dublin.

Much of our work falls into this category – no job is too small, we just like seeing things done properly.

(Completed in conjunction with CIC.)

Mongolian On-line Visa Service


An online visa application facility for embassy officials. This web site was initially built to support the activities of the Honorary Consul-General to Ireland.

Features include:

  • User registration
  • Various permissions groups for users, consulate staff and consuls
  • Management of visa applications
  • Printing of visas onto pre-printed stationary
  • Various security features allowing for authentication of issued visas by passport officials.

Motor Display Systems


A brochure and e-commerce style of web site handling product listings and sales for a company specialising in forecourt and general accessories for sales and promotions. Features include:

  • user registration
  • a CMS for managing page content
  • full product database
  • ability to manage special quote items in the product database (that cannot be added to a shopping cart)
  • a shopping cart
  • payment processing
  • multi-currency display (with exchange rates automatically updating every 24 hours)
  • a discounting system based on purchase volumes
  • various different ways to display and handle special offers
  • automatic generation of keyword, title and meta tags