Performance Marketing redesign Marketing market!

They wanted a web site that marketed them. SeeIT and CIC developed a database backed dynamic web site that would increase their search engine rankings and allow them to easily update and add new information to their web site.

Typical functions include:

* staff can add or edit content on the site.
* staff can manage downloads for web site visitors.
* the admin user can manage users and groups.
* their clients all have their own login and private page. Staff can add content and file downloads to these private pages.
* all queries and form submissions are logged and can be reported at any time.
* users get email notifications when they have new private content.
* and more…

The nett result is a more informative web site, where content is easier to find and access. The whole look and feel of the web site is managed through one main template and several sub-templates – a new page will inherit the same look and feel of the existing pages.

The old web site was a collection of static pages (numbering in their hundreds) and had outlived its usefulness. Once you have over 10 pages of content on your web site, you should have it backed by a database.

In fact we would argue that you should use a database and some form of CMS immediately – why wait? Within a very short time you will certainly want to add or change some content on your web site and you certainly don’t want to have to pay a web designer to do something so trivial.

Life can be that simple!

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