Tina MVC Updates, Quick Start Tutorial and Helper Functions Reference

I haven’t been doing too much updating of the Tina code lately as I get used to the WordPress.org developer interface and get some basic documentation up here, but there have been a few changes made as time permitted.

I’ve bumped to version 0.1.4 as a few very minor bugs surfaced. If you were trying a version prior to 0.1.2 then there was a problem with the plugin folder name (`tina_mvc` instead of `tina-mvc`) and the plugin just wouldn’t work – sorry.

I’ve written a quick start tutorial which will get you going quickly. There is also a (quick copy-paste job) function reference for the helper functions.

I will write a few more comprehensive tutorials as time permits, but at the moment Tina is being prepped for a project, so all priority is on making sure we can stick a big “production ready” sticker on it by the time the project is deployed (if there ever is such a thing in software). Currently in sights is getting the yucky “experimental” tag off the custom login and user pages feature. In any event all the core Tina code will be back-ported to the GPL version via WordPress.org and here (www.seeit.org), so get stuck in!


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