Tina MVC 0.4.3

Tina MVC for WordPress logoTina MVC version 0.4.2 0.4.3 is available from the WordPress plugin repository (see the Tina MVC for WordPress page).

Main addition is the ‘GMAP_LOCATION’ field type in the forms helper class, but there is also a security fix.

Changes since 0.4:

  • Enhancement: Added various MySQL date, time and datetime formatting functions
  • Bug Fix: Password was not being verified properly on the user change email form
  • Enhancement: Form helper gets a ‘GMAP_LOCATION’ field input type
  • Enhancement: Form helper only loads reCaptcha libs if you define a reCaptcha field

Next from Tina MVC  non-GPL:

  • Image manipulation libraries for resizing, watermarking, etc.
  • Paypal libraries for the Express Checkout NVP API

If you are interested in these features now, then feel free to drop me a line.

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