Frans Tracks

A site to support my amateur recording hobby.

Following the end of the Left, Right & Centre residency at Frank Ryans Bar, I needed somewhere to put recordings that are not recorded there.

It is based on a free WordPress theme with customisations to support newer features like post thumbnails.

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2 comments on “Frans Tracks
  1. Ann Obrien says:

    Iam not sure what to do with the web site. Is it for listening to the rocordings if it is i cant get it up.

    Every thursday night in ryans was something realy special, ifelt moved like i was witnessing something of excellence and it was live in my local community where i recognicsed the same faces who were all there for the same reason. To move in your seat and want to dance on a thursday night after a weeks work addeded quality to my life. Thank you left. right and centre, and i wish you every happiness
    Ann O Brien

  2. fcrossen says:

    Hi Ann,

    You should be able to download
    * individual tracks, or,
    * a zip file containing all the tracks (and a snapshot from the evening) in one file

    Try the links on and leave a comment on that page if you have any trouble downloading.

    I agree with you completely about the Thursdays at Ryans – they were something really special.

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