Deprecation of Tina MVC v0.4 branch. New version coming soon.

The new branch of Tina MVC will not be compatible with the 0.4.x branch and will be deprecated. From today, Tina MVC will be feature frozen and only bug fixes will be published.

Once the new version is published, automatic upgrades from the WordPress Plugin repository will fail. You will need to update manually.The decision to deprecate was not taken lightly. It does allow greater flexibility in developing the new version. The changes between versions are not significant and your existing Tina MVC applications can be ported with a little effort. If you need help porting your applications contact us. If there is enough demand we’ll write a migration guide, but until then we are happy to take questions here.

The new versions is a complete rewrite of the main plugin files and includes stability and speed improvements. This branch will require at least PHP v5.3.

The general layout of the Tina MVC plugin folder is reorganised and is more logical. Support functions have been rewritten and many dropped where a suitable WordPress function can be used instead.  The new forms helper will be much easier to extend for new field types and validation rules.

Finally the current branch will continue to get bug fixes – it has been used in a few projects at this stage.

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