The Ellies are on the Telly! snapshotThe Elevator ( is a satirical website based in Ireland.

Last year we were approached to do a small voting application for them to manage online voting for their Gooseberry awards – celebrating the worst of Irish entertainment. Nothing to it really – just a simple script with a database to handle all the votes. All good clean fun and some beer money as compensation!

What is great is when something like this captures the attention of the media: last years awards were picked up by The Irish Times, The Irish Examiner, The Irish Independent, The Star, The Evening Herald and the Irish Daily Mail! Check out the bottom of the Gooseberry awards page to see the clippings.

However this year the lads have really outdone themselves: yesterday evening none other than RTE’s Network 2 News ran a piece on the awards – have a look at the clip on the Ellie Telly page or click ‘read more’ at the end of this article to see the video clip.

By the way, if you have a similar project/mini application and a limited budget, by all means contact us and make an impassioned plea. If it catches our imagination you’ll get the job done for the price of a few pints or it may even get done Pro bono publico!

Very well done indeed!

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