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Choosing a VPS Web Hosting Provider

You would think that many of your worries are reduced when you move from shared web hosting to a virtual private server (VPS) but as my experiences testify, there is are some pretty frightening stories out there. I have dealt

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Decommissioning of VPS_LON01

Following downtime (since yesterday morning) and a complete lack of support from the hosting provider, I have completed migrating all accounts from the VPS_LON01 server. All VPS hosting has been migrated to a new provider (who answer their support lines!).

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Tina MVC: 0.3 release

Tina MVC 0.3 will be available for download from the WordPress plugin repository. This release includes numerous changes and enhancements: Complete reorganisation of core files Rewrite of core page controllers and views the form helper is not autoloaded any more.

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