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Tina MVC 1.0 branch in public beta

Get it from the WordPress plugin repository. Tina MVC 1.x is a complete rewrite. Code is namespaced and organised more intuitively. The folder structure for your applications is better laid out, making it easier to organise your plugin. Documentation is

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Preview release for Tina MVC 1.0

The new branch of Tina MVC for WordPress is now available for beta testing. Get it from SVN: Although this release looks bug free (yeah, right!) it is a beta release. It has not been used in production yet, so

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WordPress wp-cron not working?

There are various reasons why wp-cron does not work, one of the most common ones being a misconfigured network or firewall. However, due to the way wp-cron works, anything that prevents WordPress opening a http connection to itself will cause

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