Tina MVC: 0.3 release

Tina MVC for WordPress logoTina MVC 0.3 will be available for download from the WordPress plugin repository.

This release includes numerous changes and enhancements:

  • Complete reorganisation of core files
  • Rewrite of core page controllers and views
  • the form helper is not autoloaded any more. Use tina_mvc_include_helper(‘tina_mvc_form_helper’) first
  • new function tina_mvc_call_page_controller() for use in your apps or theme template files
  • can use custom folder locations for page controllers `tina_mvc_call_page_controller()` and views `tina_mvc_base_page_class->load_view()` to separate core code from your own apps
  • tina_mvc_user_has_role() and tina_mvc_user_has_capability() accept comma seperated list or arrays
  • Added app_bootstrap feature – allows you to enqueue styles and scripts before page output begins when using widgets or shortcodes
  • Added app_init_bootstrap feature – allows you to run code (e.g. to register a custom post) at the init action hook
  • Changed how shortcodes are run – now we go before wp_texturizer()
  • The contents of a non self-enclosing shortcode are available to the page controller now
  • Added ‘app_install_remove’ to allow running arbitrary code on plugin install/remove. See tina_mvc_admin_install()/tina_mvc_admin_remove() in tina_mvc_admin_functions.php
  • Added a basic framework for unit tests (unfinished)
  • Removed the phpDocumentor tutorials folder.
  • Bug fix: tina_mvc_form_helper_class->validate_as_REGEXP() was broken
  • Fixed a possible XSS attack vector

There is also a new tutorial on using the custom code application hooks. These allow you to run arbitrary code at the ‘init’, ‘the_posts’ and when Tina MVC is activated or removed.

Read all about it on the Tina MVC for WordPress page.

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