Tina MVC: 0.4 release

Tina MVC for WordPress logoTina MVC version 0.4 will soon be available from the WordPress plugin repository.

This is a major update. Since the last stable version numerous fixes and enhancements have been backported from the non-GPL version.

Changes since 0.3.2:

  • Bug fix: In tina_mvc_app_settings.php – setting the parent page for a Tina front end controller page was not working.
  • Bug fix: Various fixes ported from Tina MVC non-GPL version.
  • Bug fix: tina_mvc_functions.php – tina_mvc_get_GetPost() function.
  • Enhancement: Better form helper sample app.
  • Enhancement: HTML comments output before and after each parsed view file. Makes it easier for your designer to find a template.
  • Change: $tina_mvc_disable_wpautop setting is enabled by default (stops WordPress screwing with your HTML by inserting <br> and <p> tags).
  • Bug fix: Various small (and some not so small) bugs in the form helper.
  • Bug fix: in tina_mvc_get_GetPost().
  • Enhancement: A new test from to demonstrate all form helper functionality.
  • Bug fix: In certain cases, the form helper was not returning the correct variables after form was submitted.
  • Enhancement: Make it easier to change the name of the plugin folder name.
  • Enhancement: New app settings option: disable wpautop() for Tina MVC pages.
  • Enhancement: The form helper can manage file uploads now.
  • Enhancement: added a form_errors() method to the form helper class.

Coming soon from Tina MVC  non-GPL:

  • The form helper gets a Google Map field type. This allows your users to enter longitude and latitude coordinates by zooming into a Google Map and clicking on a point.
  • Image manipulation libraries for resizing, watermarking, etc.
  • Paypal libraries for the Express Checkout NVP API

If you are interested in these features now, then feel free to drop me a line.

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