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WordPress wp-cron not working?

There are various reasons why wp-cron does not work, one of the most common ones being a misconfigured network or firewall. However, due to the way wp-cron works, anything that prevents WordPress opening a http connection to itself will cause

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PHP mail() with Ubuntu Desktop and Gmail

Recently I was adapting a newsletter plugin for WordPress and needed the PHP mail() function for testing. However an Ubuntu desktop install is missing Sendmail – the MTA that PHP expects to find on a Linux PC. I use a

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PHP: The include() include_once() performance debate

Updated with more tests on 2010-05-16. Click here to jump to the 2010-05-16 update… The conventional wisdom always said that PHP’s include()/require() was quicker than include_once()/require_once(), but recently I came across an interesting post by Arin Sarkissian which suggests otherwise.

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PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /whatever/my-php-class.php.html on line 1 with PhpDocumentor files on CentOS

Symptom: An XML file saved as something.php.html Apache was trying to parse it as PHP and throwing an error because Short_open_tag was ‘on’ Fix: Add the following to an .htaccess file in the folder (or a parent folder): [cc lang=’apache’

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