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Tina MVC version 0.4.9 is available from the WordPress plugin repository (see the Tina MVC for WordPress page). No news is, well, no news, but behind the scenes Tina MVC has been used in quite a few projects. The core code is now pretty mature and well tested.

Changes since 0.4.3 (when I last posted news)

  • Lots of small bug fixes (and some bigger ones)
  • New functions to help debugging code
  • New functions to manage view data more effectively
  • New functionality for WordPress Multisite – you can now have different app folders for each site
  • Two new helpers: a Pagination Helper (for creating a sortable, paged table of results from SQL) and a HTML Table Helper
  • Sample files to illustrate new functionality

The Tina MVC on-line documentation has also been updated.

Coming Soon

These are features that have been used commercially and will be ported back to the GPL version.

  • Image manipulation libraries for resizing, watermarking, etc.
  • Libraries for Paypal’s Express Checkout NVP API and for Google Checkout
  • A shopping cart helper


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